General Medicine

General Medicine

Our General Medicine department focuses on providing comprehensive medical care to address a wide range of health concerns. With experienced general physicians, we offer preventive health check-ups, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment. Our goal is to promote your long-term health and vitality through personalized attention and evidence-based medical care.



At Rapha Health, our skilled medical team provides thorough evaluation and personalized treatment plans for fever, aiming to identify and address the underlying cause. With advanced diagnostic tools and a patient-centric approach, we strive to alleviate symptoms and promote a speedy recovery, ensuring your overall well-being.


Our expert healthcare professionals at Rapha Health specialize in managing asthma, offering comprehensive treatment options tailored to your specific needs. From accurate diagnosis and personalized medication plans to lifestyle modifications and ongoing support, we are committed to helping you effectively manage asthma and enjoy a better quality of life.

Heart Disease

At our dental clinic and medical center in Kottarakkara, we understand the importance of cardiovascular health. Our dedicated medical team provides comprehensive care for heart disease, including risk assessment, diagnostic tests, lifestyle counseling, and advanced treatment options. With a focus on prevention, management, and improving heart health, we strive to optimize your cardiovascular well-being.

Liver Problems

Rapha Health offers specialized medical care for various liver conditions, including liver disease, hepatitis, and liver function abnormalities. Our experienced physicians conduct thorough evaluations, perform diagnostic tests, and create personalized treatment plans to manage liver problems effectively. With a multidisciplinary approach and access to advanced medical technologies, we are dedicated to improving liver health and enhancing your overall well-being.


Managing hypertension is crucial for overall health, and at Rapha Health, we provide comprehensive care for individuals with high blood pressure. Our medical team conducts thorough evaluations, offers lifestyle modifications, prescribes appropriate medications, and closely monitors blood pressure levels to help you achieve optimal blood pressure control and reduce the risk of complications.

Neurological Problems

Rapha Health specializes in the diagnosis and management of various neurological conditions, such as migraines, neuropathy, and movement disorders. Our experienced neurologists employ advanced diagnostic techniques and develop personalized treatment plans to address your specific neurological needs. Through a combination of medical interventions, therapies, and ongoing support, we strive to enhance neurological well-being and improve your quality of life.

Other Ailments

At Rapha Health, we provide comprehensive medical care for a wide range of ailments. Our skilled healthcare professionals are equipped to address various health conditions, ensuring accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and ongoing management. With a patient-centered approach and access to modern medical facilities, we are committed to delivering exceptional care for all your healthcare needs.


Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Rapha Health is equipped with diagnostic tools, including digital imaging and laboratory services, ensuring accurate and efficient diagnosis of medical conditions.

Well-Equipped Operation Theatres

Our clinic features modern operation theatres with advanced surgical equipment and technology, providing a safe and sterile environment for various medical procedures.

Emergency Care Services

Rapha Health offers round-the-clock emergency care services, ensuring prompt medical attention and immediate intervention in critical situations.

In-Patient Services

With comfortable and well-equipped in-patient facilities, our clinic provides comprehensive medical care for individuals requiring hospitalization or specialized treatments.

Rehabilitation Center

We have a dedicated rehabilitation center that offers a range of therapies and programs to support patients in their recovery and rehabilitation process.

Our Doctors

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